A Rose by Any Other Name

  • Posted on Mar 22, 2011 by

New York is already getting a much-needed taste of spring through The Roses—an installation on Park Avenue between 57th and 67th streets—by contemporary artist Will Ryman. The larger-than-life sculptures of roses and rose petals in different shades of pink makes this writer daydream of warm days to come. The project is sponsored by the Department of Parks & Recreation and the Fund for the Park Avenue Sculpture Committee in conjunction with Paul Kasmin Gallery and is on display through the end of May.

Catalog Card Creations

  • Posted on Aug 06, 2010 by

In case you were wondering, searching a card catalog is officially an obsolete skill.  As most librarians and researchers know, this is not exactly the truth as there still remain pockets of very valuable cards out there that have yet to be converted to an online format and provide the only access into historically important collections, but I digress … Most card catalogs are obsolete and stand as artifacts to our pre-Internet past, but we (i.e., librarians) love card catalogs and are always excited to see the cards that our predecessors painstakingly crafted take on a new life as a work of art.