Great artists’ books come our way!

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Over the past twenty years Arnold Smoller, and his wife Nancy, have been donors to the Brooklyn Museum presenting us with prints from their personal collection and helping us acquire artists’ books when we had the Artists' Book exhibition on view here back in 2000. We are now thrilled to announce that over 40 books from Arnold’s collection have been given to the Brooklyn Museum to enhance its collection of artists’ books and livres d’artiste!

Since the books arrived we have been savoring every item. Every one of these books is truly amazing and worthy of a research article. All the books are great but let me call out a few that resonate so well with the rest of our collection. Sicilia’s Le Livre des Milles Nuits et Une Nuit based on A Thousand and One Nights connects with our Arabic collections. In fact, we own other illustrated versions of the Arabian Nights and this book is a beautiful rendition with its fine lithographs, typography and binding. Diderot Americana Vol. 25 by Scott McCarney is an excellent example of Scott’s unique altered work. We have nine other editioned books by Scott who we consider to be one of the most important book artists working in America today. Hardware by Steve Stankiewicz is great! We have wanted to own a book by Stankiewicz since 2000 when we borrowed a book from the artist to include in the Artists' Book exhibition here.

I can go on and on – take a look at the title list in Arcade so you can see for yourself.

Learn more about Brooklyn’s artists’ book collection

Deirdre Lawrence, Principal Librarian, Brooklyn Museum Libraries & Archives

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